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Rental instruments

If you or your child wants to play a bowed instrument, the most reasonable way is to choose one of our rental instruments. From the 1/16-size violin to a full size double bass all instruments are available.

Our sets of rental instruments contain all necessary things like: instrument, bow, case (or bag), shoulder rest and resin. Before the instruments leave the workshop, everything is checked and if necessary, repaired. So we can guarantee a high level of quality.

The rental charge per month for a violin set is € 15,--, for a viola set € 18,--, for a cello set € 36,--, for a double bass € 72,--. In case you want to buy a full size instrument, 6 months of your rental charge are accepted in part payment. These are the charges for our Student instruments. If you want to rent a higher quality instrument, the charge per month is 2 percent of the instruments value.