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Helmut Pöser, Master Violinmaker

  • Born in 1956 violin lessons and graduate at Max-Reger-Gymnasium Amberg Mittenwald School of Violinmaking
  • Worked with Otto Laudi Regensburg and Peter Benedek Munich
  • Master examination in 1988
  • Since 1989 working as a self-employed violinmaker in Regensburg
  • Specialist in baroque instruments
  • Manufacturer of fingerboards and tailpieces for baroque instruments, that can be ordered from all over the world


Aurelia Schoplick, Master Violinmaker

  • Born in 1973
  • I’m interested in music since I can hear, at the age of five I started to play the violin and had singing-lessons for years.
  • My craftsman talents led me to the famous Mittenwald School of Violinmaking. So I could combine music and craftsmanship.
  • In 1997 I left the Bavarian Alps with my certificate of apprenticeship. Since then I live in Regensburg working with Helmut Pöser – since 2003 as a Master of violinmaking.
  • Many times I exchange workshop for stage and go on living my enthusiasm for singing and violin playing.